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4 marzo, 2021
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19 abril, 2021

Online Proctoring For Moodle LMS. Biometrics authentication solutions, such as facial recognition have been implemented in different areas of our lives during recent years. Although these solutions have been mainly concentrated in the field of security, a new number of applications have emerged that are applied to sectors such as education. Facial recognition included in online learning platforms are increasingly used and innovated in many countries with the aim of providing quality education all over the world.


Adapting facial biometrics into e-learning brings advancements and competitive authentication methods while ensuring the reliability and efficiency of e-learning systems. An LMS with biometric authentication will provide new tools for students and reduce the possibily of cheating and other authentication anomalies.

Moodle integrated with biometrics has built-in facial recognition capability that provides student identity authentication to prevent fraud in the school or university environment. This LMS plugin can detect the biometric characteristics of the student with a high percentage of precision and increase the security of classes in a virtual classroom. It will activate the camera and start the face recognition process as an additional verification method to pass or observe the attendance of students in the tests.You also have the option to choose to activate the recognition only for exams if desired. 

The rise of LMS with additional features such as facial authentication is becoming more and more popular every day in order to prevent fraud during remote classes and exams. 

online proctoring for moodle, virtual proctoring

Online Proctoring for Moodle


Integrating facial authentication in virtual classrooms allows you to access a remote monitoring system that ensures the integrity of online exams. This ensures that the student concentrates on the screen during their exams, time when the extension also checks for suspicious objects in the video and background voice activity. It is an scalable and profitable system for virtual classrooms since it does not require a face-to-face encounter for later revision. 


Proctoring is another way of calling the remote supervision process where a student is observed with a special system while taking an exam. LMS platforms integraded with Proctoring technology in Virtual Classrooms provides security against attempted fraud during online exams and can be configured according to their need for successful operation.


#1. Quick Facial Authentication: The biometric facial recognition system performs fast and accurate face detection during live video streaming.

#2. Live Facial Recognition: A conventional face authentication system can easily be fooled by placing a photo of another person in front of a camera. Biometric Authentication for Moodle can prevent this type of security breach by determining whether a face in a video belongs to a real human or is a photo.

#3. Image Quality: A quality percentage can be used during face enrollment to ensure that only those images with the best quality are stored in the database.

#4. Face Posture Tolerance: The facial recognition system for Moodle has a certain tolerance to facial posture that ensures the convenience of face registration and live recognition.


Proctoring Face Recognition Plugin for Moodle 


  • Plugin integrated with Amazon Rekognition
  • Option to manage account keys from the plugin admin
  • Option to register users by adding their biometric registration
  • User validation with facial recognition before starting an assessment
  • User validation during the evaluation (if the registered user changes their face during the examination, the attempt remains paused until the correct user is in front of the camera)
  • Additional layer of verification of the logged in user using facial recognition
  • The admin can manually validate each video and manually change the status of them
  • Abbility to define the status of the student who fails biometric authentication
  • Optionally, the admin can select whether or not to accept users with failed authentication, with the option of doing a manual verification


proctored exams, moodle plugin. moodle lms

Proctored Exams

#1. Fast and Accurate Classroom Attendance: With facial recognition in schools, teachers and students spend just a few minutes of each class to record attendance. Facial recognition technology offers an automatic way with a high security rate.

#2. Automatic Verification: There is no need to wait a turn to perform verifications, such as fingerprints or other biometric security measures, the facial recognition system for assistance offers a fast, automatic and hassle-free verification experience.

#3. Technology for Education: Face recognition system can be programmed to recognize a wide range of non-verbal expressions and emotions. Through this, teachers can identify the emotion levels of their students and thus evaluate their own classes and performance when teaching.

#4. E-Learning Security: Implementing biometrics for Moodle means more privacy and more security for the performance of students and teachers, as well as their physical security and personal information. 


We present the optimized Face Recognition plugin for Moodle.


Face Recognition for Moodle


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